Five Exotic Eco Adventures Off the Beaten Path

Photo: Mrs. Gemstone

4. Visit Kiwi Country

For a real-life Garden of Eden, try the dramatic trail across New Zealand's Kiwi Country, which is dotted with an array of wildlife from penguins to sheep. Discover the panoramic view over Kenepuru and Queen Charlotte Sounds, hike across a whimsical wonderland of offshore islands and rolling meadows, and expect to find spectacular bird watching. Feathered rarities include fantails, bellbirds, and vibrant kakarikis. Feast on local mussels, lamb, wild salmon, and blue cod.

Photo: mwanasimba

5. Take a Mud Bath at the Totumo Volcan de Lodo in Columbia

Ever wanted to wallow like a pig in the mud? Known as the volcano of youth, the El Totumo Volcan de Lodois both a hangover cure and a massive natural mud bath. Legend claims that entering this mineral mud-spewing volcano means you can kiss 20 years worth of aging goodbye. True or not, this site, situated close to Cartagena, should be on any eco-adventurer's list. You'll find a mud volcano rising from the ground like an over-sized anthill, and the opportunity to feel one with the earth, literally. Make sure to enjoy a massage from an experienced local.

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