Five Exotic Eco Adventures Off the Beaten Path

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Tired of the tourist trail? We've got five unique eco adventures way off the beaten path. Remote locations plus minimal eco-impact and dramatic beauty reminds us of the critical importance of conserving all the gifts from Mother Nature. From Bangladesh to Uruguay, pack your bags for an unforgettable eco vacation experience. Chances are, you'll be the first of your friends to make the trip.

1. Explore Namibian Backcountry

Start your Namibia trip off with a sunrise hike through the dunes of Sossusvlei, situated in the Namib Dessert, one of the planet's oldest and driest eco-systems. Then suit up for a 40-mile bike ride through the shifting sands. Check out the expansive seal colony at Cape Cross and camp in the wilds of Damaraland and Kaudom. Don't be surprised to run into a wild critter or two: This region has an abundance of elephants, jackals, wild dogs, hyenas, venomous snakes, and rhinoceros, much of which can be dangerous. The risk is worth it, as you'll quickly find yourself in an altered state of being in this remote destination of remarkable and distinctive beauty.

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2. Bike Through Bali

Pack your bags and pedal into a refreshingly spiritual world of temples and volcanoes. Explore the green Mecca of Bali by bike and you'll be one of the lucky globe trotters to get up close and personal with the island. Bali is a far-off land steeped in Hindu spirituality. Don't miss the emerald green rice terraces and the sacred pools fed by mountain streams and you'll quickly learn the art of just being.

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3. Canoe Great Bear Rain Forest

The Great Bear Rain Forest of British Columbia is one of the last surviving coastal rainforests. At one time coastal rainforests extended as far south as Northern California. However, due to logging, most of the western rain forests have been wiped out. Go back in time and find the former terrane of the West Coast of Canada and the United States. Kayak through a forest of 1,000-year-old cedar and Douglas fir trees. At heights that reach 300 feet, you can witness 10,000 years of evolution.

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