Family of five uses VW camper as tiny home while filming tiny house documentary

Tiny house documentary
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Interest in simple living, tiny houses, and living a more minimalist life is rapidly growing, and while many of us may never get to experience dwelling full-time in a micro-house or other sustainable small home, we can probably all attempt to live more deliberately and learn to live a leaner life, even if it's just for a season.

And even if you can't imagine doing it yourself, because your life seems too full of stuff and things and schedules and commitments that preclude living in a more minimalist fashion, then at the very least, you can live vicariously through the experiences of others, such as those found in the "Summer of (family) love" roadtrip documentary.

Nicolás Boullosa and Kirsten Dirksen, co-founders of the simple living site *faircompanies, decided to get a feel for "micro-living" by packing their family of five into a VW Westfalia camper, and taking a roadtrip through the Pacific Northwest, bringing only the minimum of stuff with them.

Along the way, they talked to other tiny house enthusiasts and experts and found a new understanding of what it means to live close - close to each other, and close to nature.

"Limiting ourselves to one backpack per person, the five of us moved into our 50-square-foot mobile home (a 1981 VW Westfalia "Westy", purchased used off craigslist). We hit the road determined to cook all our own meals (propane stove & refrigerator included) and to create our home every night in a different location (RV parks not included, infant potty included).

With no advanced reservations and only interviews to guide us, we visited the homes of regulars in the tiny house world. With each stop we picked up some new piece of wisdom about life's essentials." - *faircompanies

""Summer of (family) love" is a roadtrip film that brings together some of the bigger names in the tiny house world with one family's attempt to live deliberately with just the essentials, if only for one season."

Family of five uses VW camper as tiny home while filming tiny house documentary
One family’s attempt to live deliberately, with only the essentials, during a summer roadtrip visiting and filming other tiny house aficionados

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