Explore Alberta's Latest Tourist Attraction: The Tar Sands Resort

Alberta, Canada has long been known for its ski resorts and tourist attractions like the Calgary Stampede, so we are thrilled to report on its latest tourist attraction, the Alberta tar sands.

We learn from Explore Alberta of a major new resort hotel built beside the tailing pond where you wake in the morning to the sound of propane cannons, then you can go "tailing sailing" (don't fall in!) and "diversion surfin'" (on the 92 billion gallons of fresh water used by the tar sands each year). Alberta used to have a reputation for being cold, but they say don't worry, the tar sands pump out so much greenhouse gas that it will soon be warm all year round. The kids will love playing in the tar sands, it sticks together nicely and builds great, waterproof castles!

explore alberta photoe
Sound starts automatically on video at ::Explore Alberta thanks, Kevin at ::Desmogblog and the Tourism Promotion Department at ::Greenpeace Canada
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