E'Terra Eco-Lodge

Here is five-star luxury in a holistic setting, organic food, Porthault linens, spectacular forest and water views, and a spa. And, it is gold certified by LEED. E'Terra is just being completed in Tobermory, Ontario, at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, home of the best scuba diving in Ontario (it ain't Truk Lagoon but there are a lot of shipwrecks) Designed by Levitt Goodman, who are well known for innovative projects (they are doing prefab social housing on the roof of a downtown toronto building, to be covered in detail soon), The resort looks like a lot of fun but has very interesting technical specifications- according to its engineers, The design features a high-performance envelope,local natural materials, radiant heating, natural cooling, concrete "earth tube" technology to temper make-up air, rainwater harvesting and on-site waste-water bio-filtration. Domestic hot water is heated by a 20m2 roof mounted solar heating system and supplemented by the high efficiency space heating boilers. Drought resistant, native and adapted vegetation was utilized for landscaping.

According to the Globe and Mail, "Luxurious, but not ostentatious -- E'Terra is a pearl, rather than a diamond. But there is no oppressive smell of new carpeting, while the cherry wood of the handrails and most of the flooring emits a delicious aroma-The floors are treated with linseed oil and rosemary distilled in orange"

Book soon- there are only six rooms. ::Globe and Mail by [LA]