Escape Adventures: Carbon Neutral Outfitter


Words are easy, actions are harder. First the words: "Everything we do in our daily life either impacts the environment in a positive way or a negative way. It is as simple as that. At Escape Adventures, we understand this and take it very seriously. Escape Adventures is value-based and mission-driven. We work hard to be socially and environmentally responsible." Quantifying this they state "Beginning this year [2007], every one of our mountain biking, hiking, road cycling, and multi-sport trips will be completely carbon neutral." And the actions? Does the walk match the talk — judge for yourself. Escape Adventures believe they are the first (and only) US travel outfitter to run their fleet of five support vehicles on either waste vegetable oil (WVO) or biodiesel. Petrol vehicles are carbon offset, via green tags, as are employee reconnaissance trips. At one of their locations they pay staff extra not to drive to work. Greentags also cover the 10% of trip waste that isn't otherwise recycled. Their operations centre, bike shop and bike tour warehouse are solar powered. "This means that every e-mail, light, power tool usage, hot shower, and just about any other energy use, comes from the sun." Their carbon neutral stance extends to food prepared for clients. Escape Adventures is into "purchasing wild or free-range meat and fish, buying certified organic produce, grains and dairy, and scouring product labels for snacks and sundries that are free of partially hydrogenated oils and unnecessary ingredients." They even provide a link so customers can arrange for carbon offsetting their own pre and post trip travel. Plus they are working to help establish a national recycling program for used rubber from bike shops. All sounds rather action-oriented, as befits an outdoor pursuits company. ::Escape Adventures.

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