Epic Road provides "transformative travel" for humanitarian adventure

luci light epic road travel
Screen capture Epic Road

Evan Orensten at Cool Hunting highlights Epic Road, a travel company that focuses on customized adventures based around humanitarian and conservation initiatives:

Epic Road links well-thought out luxury experiences with humanitarian and conservation initiatives.Their programming specializes in the Arctic and Africa, connecting travelers with highly customized journeys focusing on cultural immersion and the confrontation of global issues.
It was inspiration that lead to Epic Road's early development. Lakin, then a lawyer, underwent a personal transformation while on a trip to Africa. "I had my eyes opened," he said. "I went from believing happiness was defined by a specific path involving success and money to witnessing happiness in poverty." The perspective shift lead to his realization that "a full belly, a nice sunset, a laugh with a mother" were transformative. Epic Road seeks to expose others to exactly that. Lakin's passion, as much as his relationships, fuels Epic Road's offerings.

Learn more at Epic Road.

Above: Epic Road hosted a delivery of portable, solar-powered Luci Lights to a Himba tribe in Namibia, Africa.

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