Enjoy the Ride: Website Promotes Overland Travel

Treehugger has featured countless posts about the impact of air travel, and it does seem like this is a subject of growing importance amongst environmentally conscious consumers. Even rival travel guide publishers Lonely Planet and Rough Guides have recently put out a joint press release asking consumers to limit the amount we fly, and to encourage us to offset emissions when we do. But what are the options for those of us who would like to use alternatives where possible? One website, entitled "the Man at Seat 61", aims to demystify the sometimes intimidating world of overland travel.Run as a hobby by travel and train enthusiast Mark Smith, Seat 61 provides one of the most comprehensive resources for train, boat and bus information for almost anywhere in the world. Users can search for information on overland transport in all corners of the Globe and the site’s guestbook is testament to the thousands of happy travelers that have been helped on their way by this valuable resource. It seems that the Man at Seat 61 is so in demand that he is being used as a travel consultant by the Guardian. Maybe the days of the climate-negligent Ryanair are numbered after all. Save me a seat in the restaurant car, mine’s a Carlsberg… [Written by: Sami Grover]