Engineers without Borders

Who'd have thunk it? Yet another '... without Borders' group. "Human development is about people: their desire and struggle to expand their freedoms and lead lives that they value." Not what you would might normally expect to hear from the mouths of engineers. But this Canadian based organisation do take a different approach to things. In views very reminiscent of the ITDG, they "focus on developing the capacity of the local technical sector to ensure that that innovative, appropriate and sustainable solutions to people's problems are locally generated and available." And while they offer overseas placements in 'development', they go to great pains to spell out what a delicate exercise this is. Five local engineers could be employed for the cost of one Western placement! So the role comes with considerable responsibility. Indeed topping the list of attributes for assessing someone for a EWB placement is humility, good cross-culture communication skills, empathy and genuine caring for individuals. But still they can have 10 times more applicants than available placements. ::Engineers without Borders [by WM]PS. And No they do not have a tsunami appeal currently. But expect their services will be in demand in the future, as rebuilding in Indian Ocean communities commences.