EEC - Environmental Enterprise Corps

Some say that it’s business that’s gonna save the world. Show people how to make a buck out of doing the right thing and they’ll trip over themselves to be green. If this is true, then one perfect breeding ground for a eco-entrepreneurship has to be this program. The well respected World Resources Institute runs the EEC program to facilitate both pro-bono business advice to enviro and social business ‘start-ups’ in South America and offer a fertile real-life classroom for MBA students to learn that Planet and People are of equal value to Profit. Investors and buyers are also added to the mix. Students develop skills in crafting a business plan, mapping marketing strategies, doing financial analysis, etc. $8 million USD has been invested in such ventures through WRI’s win-win networking. The list of completed projects is bedazzling and even includes the Tagua nut that we’ve mentioned before. ::New Ventures - EEC [by WM]