Ecotourism Saves Critically Endangered Hawaiian Plant Species (Video)

Alula Brighamia insignis critically endangered plant Kauai hawaii green leaves hawaiian budding flower bloom stem moss photo

Alula (Brighamia insignis) critically endangered plant - Kauai, Hawaii by afearonwood on Flickr

Hawaii's Big Island is home to a delicately balanced ecosystem. To help preserve the diverse species, programs have been created to educate and involve tourists in developing a sustainable industry without harming the environment. Watch the video and start planning your eco-vaca with a trip to the land beyond the jump...

Invasive species such as the gingerroot, brought to the islands ignorantly by colonial settlers, tend to dominate the non-competitive plants native to Hawaii. Enter man: the original cause of the problem now becomes the solution as teams of tourists manually weed out Hawaii's growing guests from the fragile ecosystem to send them packing.

Big Island Tourist Bureau
via: EcoWonk