Ecological Paradise at The Brando

Come 2008 the eco-travel industry will have a wonderful addition. Located in the French Polynesian Islands, The Brando will be a lavish eco-hotel built on the island of Tetiaroa. The island is owned by the late Marlon Brando and the project is being overseen by Tahiti Beachcomber SA, whose CEO, Richard Bailey, was in contact with the late actor for a number of years about the vision of The Brando. Just 26 miles north of Tahiti, Tetiaroa is currently inhabited by one person, Brando’s son, Teihotu. The eco-hotel in this unspoiled environment will be energy-autonomous, built with natural materials and will showcase the latest in renewable energy technologies. The plan for the resort is very much in keeping with the philosophy of Brando, who shared Bailey’s wish to protect the environment. We’ll make sure to keep you updated because if you’re like us, we can’t wait to visit this natural and ecological paradise. ::The Brando