Eco-tourism in Zanzibar

Zanziibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania known for its history as a key spice trading port, is still far off the beaten path of American tourists, but is increasingly on the radar of British, Italian and Spanish globetrotters. The tourism dollars are welcome on the poor island but the impact on the environment of the newcomers has not gone unnoticed.

Eco+Culture Tours Zanzibar is a young eco-tourism company developing strategies to mitigate negative ecological, cultural, social and economic impacts of tourism. "Our aim is to encourage local micro entrepreneurs to enter into environmentally and culturally friendly income-generating activities that cater for the growing tourism industry on the isle," the company says.

As a tourism operator, Eco+Culture Tours Zanzibar offers a variety of specifically designed day tours with an environmental and cultural focus. The tours include visits to spice farms, a sea turtle protection project, swimming with dolphins in Kizimkazi and the nature walks among endemic red collobus monkeysin the Jozani Forest. A portion of the tour fees supports community projects in health care, childrens' nurseries and education on the island.

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