Eco-Tourism at the Iberá Marsh in Corrientes, Argentina


If you’ve already been to Buenos Aires and Patagonia or you’re looking for a new Argentine landscape, try the Iberá Marsh in Corrientes province. This 3.458.000 acres swamp is South America’s second largest, and one of the most important fresh water reserves of the world. It’s located at the very heart of the province, and it serves as home for species like jacare, swamp deer, river wolf and the aguará guazú along with 350 bird species, and plants like Irupe, aguapé, water sequin and bot poppys. In this natural paradise a company called Rincon del Socorro offers a series of natural and luxury accommodations including a luxury eco-lodge, a cattle ranch and a guesthouse ranch. The first one is perhaps the obvious choice for TreeHuggers: a 30000 acres former cattle ranch that holds a boutique hotel with only six rooms and three cabins, organic restaurant, playroom and swimming pool, among other facilities. This inn was built in 1896 and recycled from its original architecture lines. The three cabins were also recycled from its original structure and are just 50 meters or park away from the hotel. According to its owners, a variety of local deers can be seen wondering these parks.Available activities in the lodge include bird watching, horse riding, canoe rides, trekking, country work and fly fishing. At their website, Rincon del Socorro’s hosts advice August and September as some of the best months to go, as the lapacho trees reach their highest flowering period.

Even though it’s in the wild, the lodge counts with Internet service and telephone connections.

Though we didn’t get a response from the owners about a price, we found in another website that fares go from 150 to 180 US dollars per person. To find out more or make reservations, go to their site. ::Rincon del Socorro ::Iberá Marsh General Information

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