Eco-friendly Travel Destinations

Across the land heated debates on summer vacation plans are taking place. What to do, where to go, how to get there, where to stay the dilemmas are endless. In response a number of young entrepreneurs have set up travel companies that make ecotourism look more and more attractive as a responsible alternative. They are all based on principles of respect: working with the local community, training and hiring local workers, buying locally, and putting profits back into the community (see Treehugger). Amy Carter was named "Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year" for setting up Bespoke Experience. She has developed an exotic beach resort in a remote national park in a poor area of northern Mozambique using local materials and skills. Part of the revenue goes to help fund local community projects such as building schools. Travelroots is a travel agency which offers "good holidays that do good, not harm". Campi Ya Kanzi is a ranch in Kenya, developed with the local Maasi. They have participated in all stages, from the building to the management and running of the camp. It is environmentally friendly, built with local materials only and without felling any local trees. Other eco-friendly destinations include Morocco and a private coral island in Zanzibar. For a more rustic, hiking vacation, the Mjolfjell Youth Hostel in Norway is surrounded by mountains and lakes. Its mini-hydroelectric plant powers a ski lift and heats the pool in summer--there is fishing and horseback riding to keep you busy. :: via Guardian