Daryl Hannah Dives, And Splashes, Into Egyptian Eco-Tourism

Mentioning it a while back when she was being interviewed on TreeHugger, in this video Daryl Hannah –– TreeHugger's favorite foxy environmentalist –– explores eco-tourism holidays in Sinai, Egypt. In particular, she nests for a bit at an ancient spot on Mount Sinai, an eco-resort and a friendly place for Christians, Muslims and Jews. She writes in the TH interview on Daryl Hannah: "I actually just went to Mount Sinai in Egypt and shot a couple of eco-resorts there. This is an especially interesting place where Christian Jews and Muslims all come together to the same spot to worship."

I personally love Sinai. It's a majestic place, with skies, mountains and water in colors you've never before seen in one blink. The spiritual home to monotheism, it's where Moses had the revelation on the mountain and came back down with the 10 commandments. Though the exact location is not known, some people claim they can feel the spot with a compass in their heart.

Besides the spots that Daryl points out, there are a number of encampments all along the Red Sea which can give a light and no-impact experience. And did I mention the diving?

(P.S. Next time you're in Israel, Daryl, give this TreeHugger a ping.)

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