Cristalino Jungle Lodge: A Resort ACTUALLY Saving the Rainforest

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As the Lodge has grown, Victoria has continued to expand the outreach, education and sustainability activities of the lodge by establishing the Cristalino Ecological Foundation. First, they offer School of the Amazon education classes for local children, called "Day in the Jungle" to teach area children that would otherwise have no access to the amazing gift just outside their doorstep about the Amazon. It is their belief that the more you expose children to conservation, you will empower an entire generation ready to preserve the rainforest.

The Foundation also sponsors research and, through this, area scientists have discovered over 1,200 new species of fauna right in the area through their work. For tourists and scientists alike, this area boasts over 600 of the 1,800 known bird species in the Amazon. The research done in the reserve is then directly used to justify protection of the area, used to teach area children and is also used in developing plans for area farmers to protect their land, the third mission of the foundation.

Image via: Alexander Yellen

Besides research and education, the Foundation works to develop solutions with the community to at least ease deforestation. When farmers say that they can't grow crops on their land, they help them find resources to either improve soils, or plant crops that generate more income upon sale or to combine several farms produce together to earn a higher return at market. In addition, the Foundation produces resources like what ranchers should do when jaguars attack their cattle. For small farmers with only a couple hundred head of cattle, when jaguars take out 10-20 cattle, thats a large percentage of income and they need an alternative or they will just take care of "the problem." The Foundation has several resources but does not push their solutions on area farmers.

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