Collage Eco-Suite at Hotel Triton

We have written about some of Hotel Triton's celebrity designed eco-suites in the past, but here is yet another reason to stay in the San Francisco hotel - the new Collage Eco-Suite designed by model/environmental activist Angela Lindvall and Alexandra Spadea of SpadeaSpace. As with all of the eco-suites, 10% of the nightly rate goes to an eco-charity. In this case, the charity of benefit is the very deserving Collage Foundation, founded by Lindvall. Many TreeHugger favorites were also involved in donating furniture and accessories to the room, including Re:modern, Crispina, Scrapile and numerous others. The result is a room that confidently embodies its goal of creating "an environment free of any toxicity, one that allows you to feel at home (even if you are not), supports you to be clear and at your best, and charms you with serenity and whimsical detail." Perhaps the most striking feature of the Collage room is the prominant use of pink and fuschia on the walls and bed respectively. So why pink? "I love to create spaces that bear somewhat of a surprise," says Spadea, "and I do believe that especially since we are trying to bring green to the mainstream we have to beware of any typical green design look." She continues, "from a feng shui perspective pink is a color for love, and relationship. Not only do I want people to fall in love with the room, but I hope that there will be a lot of good love vibe going on in there!" And what other piece of art but a collage to truly bring the Collage Foundation room together. This one comes courtesy of fashion designer John Galliano, made especially for the Collage room. It wasn't until the piece arrived, however, that Spadea had a chance to see if it matched her existing scheme. "I hadn't seen the John Galliano collage before getting to San Fran. It had only been described somewhat vaguely to me by Angela. So I was very -pleasantly- surprised to see that the colors of the [Galliano] collage were pink and green!" WIth everything now in place, Spadea hopes the room will change the way people think of sustainable design. "I hope that this room will bring attention to the possibilities of sleek, chic and green to those that think green means 'granola,' that Collage will get more attention, and SpadeaSpace more green interested clients." ::Hotel Triton
Photograph by Markham Johnson for Hotel Triton