Chilean EcoSport Summer Camps

The so called 'extreme sports' are characterized for having a strong bond with nature, as it is nature who provides the field to practice them: surfers love the beach, snowboarders have an intimate relation with the mountains, and so on. We know some of the materials they're practiced with are not the best, but some people are searching for alternatives to that. Going back to what we were saying, it's no surprise then that lots of the people who practice these sports are at least environment aware, or fully practicing treehuggers.
To that last group belong EcoSport founders, Josefina Domínguez Acuña and Ignacia Lyon Rivera, who started these youngsters' camp with the aim to "transfer the well-being that the sport and nature transmit". At EcoSport, the practice of surfing, mountain biking and climbing -among others- is alternated with ecology lessons, recycled materials hand crafting, and cooking.
The camps take place at Maitencillo and Zapallar, in the Chilean pacific coast, during the South American summer (January-February). Maybe a good opportunity for y'all northerns to visit these lands with your kids. ::EcoSports (site is in Spanish, but surely English will be understood if you fill the contact form, under 'Contacto').