A stroller design that transforms as your child grows

Piv-O stroller
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Kids grow up so quickly. Parents often find themselves scrambling to keep up with their children’s rapid physical development. Strollers are a big hassle, and many families own multiple ones to meet the needs of different ages. Imagine how much easier it could be if a single well-designed product could ‘grow’ along with the child?

Luis Pereira Twist has come up with an interesting concept. The Piv-O stroller is convertible and can be used from age 0-5. It starts with a cradle bed for small babies, which can be raised and faced forward as they grow. It converts to a walker for toddlers, with a convenient handle for parents to guide them along. Last, it turns into a tricycle (with optional handle) for preschoolers.

Yanko Design and is describes the The Piv-O as follows:

As baby grows up from being pushed in a stroller, to taking his first steps, to learning to pedal a tricycle, the Piv-O stroller is there every step of the way! The “polifunctional” design needs only be adjusted as your child transitions from stage to stage, meaning there’s no need to waste money on numerous devices. By the time he’s grown out of it, he’ll be totally prepared to lose the training wheels and ride a real bike!

As a parent, I love the idea of reducing the amount of gear needed to raise kids (although North American parents tend to be overly gear-happy at the best of times). There are just a few questions I’d have before buying the Piv-O: What happens if a toddler gets tired and doesn’t want to walk anymore? There should be an additional seat option. And, could the walker be adapted to use inside a house, without the tall handle sticking up? If not, I’d still be stuck buying an indoor walker, since that’s where my toddlers did most of their practicing.

Twist comments on YouTube that, currently, the Piv-O “is designed with low-cost technology in order to minimize components and production processes,” but he’s currently working on redesigning it with higher-tech components. It will be interesting to see what the finished product looks like – and what its price tag will be.

A stroller design that transforms as your child grows
It means less baby gear needed, and that's a good thing.

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