Casa Camper Hotel to Feel at Home in Barcelona


If you’re ever coming to stay in Barcelona and need a place to stay, TreeHugger recommends Casa Camper, ‘a simple space with innovative solutions and a touch of Mediterranean humour’. Camper ingredients for a good life consist of comfortable shoes, healthy food and a good house (casa). That’s why together with the father of Vinçon, Fernando Amat, they designed this cosy hotel with 25 rooms; 19th century outside and modern and green on the inside (2005).
Start your day at the downstairs self-service 24h buffet with an organic apple & pear juice, read through the paper, check out the latest on TreeHugger (free Wifi) or plan your day with one of the big maps on the wall, designed by Amercia Sanchez (as are all the graphics).
Then rent one of their wooden Camper bikes and loose yourself in the Raval and surrounding neighbourhoods…At siesta time, make your way back, grab a snack from the fridge (after breakfast, sandwiches and other snacks are available) and rest in your own living room. When you stay at Casa Camper, you don’t just get one room but two, one for the night and one for daytime! The daytime one has a little balcony onto the street, a stylish sofa, the traditional hammock and a tv. The hotel is non smoking but they turn a blind eye if you light one on the balcony apparently. Just opposite crossing the corridor is the bedroom, quietly tucked away from the street, with an amazing view onto a wall, stacked up with 117 huge potted Aspidistras, known as the ‘vertical garden’. A beautiful modern bathroom (all from Vinçon) and open storage units give the rooms a very cosy and fresh feel. There’s a long coat hanger labelled ‘Shaker inspiration’... Other small details we like are refillable soap bottles containing natural olive oil soaps, and the fact that there are no throw-away gadgets so don’t forget your own toothbrush. And, you get to slip on a pair of Camper’s Wabi shoes with coconut innersoles (replaced after each guest) and a robe to make your way down to the kitchen if you crave a midnight snack.
Apart from the lobby with the library and food area there’s also a fantastic terrace on the top floor which doesn’t have a swimming pool but instead it has a HortUrba vegetable garden with cucumbers and tomatoes and slick deck chairs to enjoy the fascinating view of the Raval's rooftops, listening to funky music that they turn up as the night begins...
As well as for spreading happy philosophies all around the hotel, such as walk, don’t run or take the stairs, it’s healthier, enhanced by interactive design, we’d like to tap them on the shoulder for their green effort. Even the recycling facilities, a glass crumbler, a paper press, a compost and a water recycling system look cute in this place. Customers are invited to recycle and Camper takes care of the rest. Plus the hot water comes from a solar heating system on the roof above the terrace.
Oh, and for those of you who still feel like working, Camper has two modular rooms, Salacam & Salaper (168m2 in total), available for meetings or other events. So, that leaves us only with the prices: between €185 for an individual room and 255 for the double suite, breakfast and 24h ten ten pie (light snacks) included. ::Casa Camper Hotel Barcelona, c/Elisabets 11, Spain. T: +34 933426280 ... the next one, so we heard, will open in Berlin!