Caravan and Camping Industry's Gumnut Awards


"The caravan and camping Industry in New South Wales realises that Australia has some big challenges ahead in order to reduce our eco-footprint. For this reason, environmental programs such as the Gumnut Awards have been developed to get the touring industry to proactively drive environmental sustainability."

The program, self described above, was developed back in 2002, modelled closely on the success of the David Bellamy Conservation Awards in the UK. Since that time the Caravan and Camping Industry Association of NSW (CCIA) have apparently managed to get by-in from 47% of their member holiday and residential parks.Basically the awards honour achievements against ten criteria: landscaping biodiversity conservation, water & wastewater, economics, solid waste, staff, energy efficiency, local community, air & noise pollution and finally safety & emergency response plans. The University of Western Sydney (UWS) conduct the independent assessments and 'achievers' are duly noted on the association's website. Only five are so far listed as having attained Gold status, but it is pleasing to see the others participating, even if they have a little work to do.

It seems that a spin-off program called Sustainable Places has been developed in conjunction with Tourism NSW and the Local Government and Shires Association to help get a bit of green happening amongst tourism operators, as well. ::Gumnut Awards

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