Car roof storage container doubles as a boat for camping (or when you're driving through floods)

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For camping and traveling, a lot of people like to use storage containers strapped to the roof of their car. It's a great way to get all your stuff from point A to point B without giving up much leg room inside the vehicle. A lot of people also like to take boats with them when they go camping near lakes, but that means the expense and hassle of a boat, a trailer, a hitch, using a vehicle that can pull a boat, finding parking for the vehicle and trailer, a place to store it all when you aren't using it, blah blah blah. What if you could have both your roof-top storage and a really great little boat to take on trips so you can enjoy a row on a quiet lake, without all that extra hassle?

I'm a city-dweller without any space to store a boat, but I love to camp at a lake not too far from home and I'd really love to have a boat when I'm out there. So when the Boatbox popped up -- though, admittedly, my first reaction was to scoff -- I'm actually really loving this idea.

Springwise notes, "When turned upside down and attached to the base unit, the 20kg cover can be attached to the car’s roof rack and used to store up to 175kg of baggage. When they arrive at their destination, owners can then simply unclip the cover from its base and use it as a two-man rowing boat. Each BoatBox comes with an attachable seat, rowlocks and fold-out oars, although it can also be fitted with an electric motor for easy sailing."

Granted, the seat, oars and such use up valuable space in the container you're hoping to store other stuff in. But it's a small price to pay for the fact that you have a two-person boat on your car. It's a great solution for people who both love to head out on a boat and want to maintain small-space living.

And, not only is it great for camping but, considering the fact that floods happen often in a world with increased weather weirding, it could be great for situations like this:

If you live in or are driving around in flood-prone areas when you know the weather channel is predicting rain, wouldn't it be great to have this on your car in case you need to row to safety? Not a terrible idea...

The BoatBox website is currently down for updates, but Springwise notes that it retails for £595.

Car roof storage container doubles as a boat for camping (or when you're driving through floods)
It sounds strange but actually, it's a pretty clever idea both for those who want to enjoy a row in a lake without investing in a trailer and hitch, and for those who live in flood zones.

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