Cape Farewell 2009: Artists Inspired by Trek Through Andes

Cape Farewell Andes Expedition Measuring Carbon in Soil Wayqecha Station Photo

Cape Farewell Andes Expedition Members Measuring Carbon in Soil at Wayqecha Station. Image via Cape Farewell.

We reported last year on TreeHugger founder Graham Hill's trip with Cape Farewell to the Arctic. This year you can feel like you're part of their latest expedition, an 18-day trek through the Andean Rainforest, thanks to Twitter and a helpful GeoTracker.The Cape Farewell team is almost at the end of their trek, but that doesn't mean you can't check out where they've been, what they've seen and follow along to their last few stops. There are regular updates on Cape Farewll's Twitter account, as well as a second Twitter account that provides armchair travelers with the opportunity to interact regarding the group's various events and projects.

Thus far on this trip the gang has taken boat rides, been infested with spiders whose babies hatch from your skin in 3 days, witnessed dozens of different birds, been bitten by several different bugs and spiders, and watched as cockroaches poured out of one attendee's bag. Fun times in the jungle! Can't wait to see how getting this up close and personal with nature will inspire some artistic responses from the Cape Farewell artisan team.

Cape Farewell Scientist Yadvinder Malhi in Reforestation Project Photo

Scientist Yadvinder Malhi Works on Reforestation Project at the Manu Learning Center.
Cape Farewell was created by artist David Buckland in 2001 as "a cultural response to climate change" and since 2003, seven expeditions have occurred. A mix of scientists, artists and communicators are all brought together for a trip to some of the world's most fragile places to then develop artistic responses and also to communicate the need for a response to climate change.

The trip this year through the Andes will take the team from 200m to 4,000m to see cloud forests, shrinking glaciers, the Amazon, and areas of deforestation. Quite a diverse landscape for such a small area and a small amount of time. Those included, and whose thoughts you can capture and converse with include: Yann Martel, Charlie Kronick, Lucy + Jorge Orta, Rhian Salmon, Daro Montag, and Ana Cecilia Gonzales Vigil, just to name a few.

Cape Farewell Andes Expedition Sunrise Over Tres Cruces Cloud Forest Photo

Sunrise over Tres Cruces Cloud Forest.

If you want to follow along and see where they pop up next along the route, check out their live Adventure Tracker which will be updated as they move. Or if you want to see the ending, you can see their entire itinerary here. To find out more about the Cape Farewell Andean trip and to talk back to the artists and team, check them out online at Cape Farewell.

Note: I recently went with Green Living Project to much of this same area, and wrote about the trip here on TreeHugger. Check out the recaps about my voyage to Los Amigos Research Station and Brazil Nut Farmers.
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