Camping On the Water

camping on a raft photo

We love the idea of camping right on the water; so close you can reach over and dangle your fingers in it. These floating cabins fill the bill. Their base is a raft made from tree trunks, supported by barrels, which should make them fairly stable. They sleep four and each hut comes with camping mattresses, seats, gas stoves and lamps, a Canadian canoe (only the best) and, ahem, a toilet bucket. This is a very romantic or scary set-up, depending on your point of view since the cabins are moored along a river and are only accessible by canoe...

So what can you do on this love-boat...listen to the birds, play with the children, paddle to the little village near-by, bike to surrounding towns, swat mosquitoes or just read a book. The one draw-back for many is that they are located in Holland. A good idea to import to North America? :: camping-raft

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