Bring on the Indestructible, Light Suitcase


I recently spent several valuable minutes of my life trying to coerce, force (plead) up a zipper without a handle. The zipper is one of now two broken zippers attached to my suitcase, which happens to be...Olympia.

As the zipper and I battled to the death (and the time to my flight ticked away) I came to the realization that some ominous rips around the seams made the zipper the least of my worries. Yes, I could actually plunge my whole hand through the suitcase and out the other side.

Granted, it has been tossed around several countries, but this suitcase is six months old.

Is Globe-Trotter's new hard case, Onehundred&ten; (110) designed by Ross Lovegrove the answer to all my problems?

We won't know until it is released in January, but the name is both a nod to the brand's anniversary and how long the suitcase should last. TreeHugger-worthy in the durable category, 110 is billed as one of "the worlds lightest rigid cases" and made of a super lightweight carbon fiber. If we're understanding this Wallpaper exhibition on Globe Trotter correctly, it can also be trampled by elephants.

Three styles are available: Attach Case, Air Cabin Case, and Trolley Case. No word yet on the price. The suitcase premiered two weeks ago at 100% Design in Tokyo.::Globe-Trotter ::Ross Lovegrove More on Ross Lovegrove ::Solar Tree: New Street Lighting From Ross Lovegrove ::System X Marks the Spot More on green suitcases ::The Suitcase Bike: It's Real! ::Wooden Briefcase

Photo top courtesy of Lovegrove Studio. Photo bottom courtesy of Wallpaper.

Bring on the Indestructible, Light Suitcase
As the zipper and I battled to the

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