Breathtaking time-lapse video captures New Zealand's North Island over six months

new zealand timelapse image
Video screen capture Bevan Percival

New Zealand Landscapes Timelapse Volume Two from Bevan Percival on Vimeo.

Photographer Bevan Percival has put together a stunning piece of art, showing the star-packed night skies and landscapes of New Zealand's North Island.

Percival writes, "I'm driven by chasing fleeting moments of dramatic light on beautiful landscapes and also capturing the night sky and milky way in all it's glory is a real buzz. Not [to] mention curling up out under the stars beside all the gear for whole nights at a time catching some sleep here and there between checking the gear and changing batteries and staring up into eternity with spectacular meteors burning up in the cosmic shore out the corner of your eye. Doing this sort of thing has bought me closer and closer to the wilderness."

new zealand timelapse imageBevan Percival/Video screen capture

PetaPixel writes, "Shot over the course of six months using a Canon 5D Mark II, various lenses, and a Dynamic Perception 6′ Stage Zero motorized dolly, it will keep your eyes glued to the screen all five minutes and fifty-nine seconds."

And that's no lie. It's hard, maybe even impossible, to tear your eyes away from this gorgeous short film that is such a work of art.

new zealand timelapse imageBevan Percival/Video screen capture

There is a reason why both time-lapse photography and night sky photography have become all the rage. The kick it gives the photographer and the thrill it gives the viewers -- often viewers who don't otherwise see such skies -- are worth all the work and dedication that goes into them.

new zealand timelapse imageBevan Percival/Video screen capture

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