Boulder Hot Springs: Boulder, Montana


Now that the film festival is over, I'm finding other ways to enjoy Montana. Fellow TreeHugger and TriplePundit Nick Aster paid me a Big Sky visit and we decided to find out what quiet and open space are like around Boulder Hot Springs. The Co-op America business member serves local, organic breakfasts tailored to your dietary specifications and also sells snacks like Newman's Own and Kettle Chips. You can relax in the outdoor geothermal pool and listen to owl hoots or space out looking at the mountains. There are also indoor men's and women's steam rooms and plunges, as well as spa treatment options. The slightly New Agey vibe is balanced by a rustic Montana feel, as well as a sense of history, since the building is one of the oldest tourist destinations in the state and a historic landmark. You can choose between antique-furnished suites and rooms that include breakfast, or go for the more budget conscious, shared bath options sans meal. There are lots of outdoor exploration options nearby; the super-friendly staff can help you take advantage of the crazy beauty that awaits in all directions! :: Boulder Hot Springs