Book : Around the world with 80 men

What differenciates Sylvain Darnil & Mathieu Le Roux (23 and 26 years old) from thousand of high school management students around the world ? Well after their exam, they just forgot to start conventional work in conventional multinationals. Instead, they methodically prepared, found sponsors, and achieved a world tour of sustainable initiatives and positive businesses, proving that being a lucrative entrepeneur also allows to contribute to positive social and environmental impact.The result of their voyage is a book (in french) that relates the story of 80 characters, all around the world, in all sort of places. Before embarking on the trip, authors sollicited approval of NGOs such as Oxfam, Care International, to check the reality and validity of initiatives they had checked : the result is the most incredible collection of innovative actions performed by anonymous, sometimes famous, characters, such as William McDounough. A kind of best of treehuggers ! here is an excerpt from their introduction : "imagine a world where... a bank can lend to the poor while making money... an hospital can cure 70% of its patients for free while making money... etc..." Well this world is there, and the book proves it.

:: The website (in french) : 80hommes
:: Description of the project (in english), PDF
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