Bello Mundo: For Travellers, Not Tourists


As big fans of eco-travel, we're always on the lookout for new sources of information on this quickly growing alternative to traditional tourism. So we were happy to hear from Joe Hayhow, the Co-founder/Director/Art Editor of Bello Mundo, a new online magazine out of Great Britain devoted to eco-tourism, or as they call it, "Sus Travel." Founders Hayhow, Steph Ashman and Steve Henwood claim that Bello Mundo is their response to the paucity of independent information available on sustainable travel options (except at Treehugger, of course):

As passionate Sus travel addicts we long ago rejected the crowded confines of mass tourism for a more organic style of travel. So when the industry began responding to this growing desire we eagerly accepted the brochures given out by tour operators and pocketed the checklists provided by organisations and charities, but still we found ourselves increasingly disappointed by the lack of independent, incisive, detailed information regarding responsible tourism. The sort of info that can’t be relegated to a page of a brochure, a text box in a guide book, or the occasional article; the sort written by Sus travellers for Sus travellers; the sort usually provided by a dedicated travel magazine. So one chilly October afternoon when we were all stood around hugging the oak trees in my back garden, a solution came to us and we set about creating our own.
The magazine's first issue, available for free as a PDF download, covers a wealth of destinations for the information-starved eco-traveller. From a volunteer trip to work with endangered sea turtles in Brazil, to a search for authentic Spanish culture in Sevilla, to hidden natural gems in Britain's East Cornwall, Bello Mundo covers a range of places and experiences that should appeal to non-traditional travellers. Issue One also features a reader's review of an African odyssey in search of silverback gorillas, a feature on Albania, and coverage of the recent debate in the UK over the environmental costs of flying.

The only payment required for Bello Mundo is registration on their website, which also gives users access to the magazine's forums. If you're looking for a great vacation with a light footprint, and maybe even an opportunity to make a difference, check it out. ::Bello Mundo