Backpacker Bunks that Actually Look Inviting

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It has been many years since I last stayed in a backpacker's hostel, perhaps because they never looked quite like this. Nils Holger Moormann has made the communal accommodation in a converted bakery look quite inviting, although doors or bedcurtains would be nice too.

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According to Wallpaper, all of the units except for

a ‘sleep cell’ designed purely for backpackers – are self-catering and all are blissfully void of any communication device including computers, phones or even televisions. Instead guests are offered a well-stocked library and a communal ‘Gute Stube’ – a space to cook, socialize and work together around an open fire - for entertainment.

The design is in keeping with Moormann’s signature style - natural, simple and warm. Wood and stone are the predominant materials while key design pieces from the collection stand out against the simplicity of the environment.

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13 units plus the backpacker suite are located in a bakery building that dates back to 1671 in Aschau, near the Austro-German border.

via DesignBoom

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