"Run the City" Sight-Jogging Around Israeli Roots, Traditions and Diamonds

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We wouldn't be recommending you do it in today's 2,000 degree Mediterranean heat, but come Fall (that's stav in Hebrew) the weather will be more human and perfect for Israel's latest trend in urban eco-tourism: "Run the City."

We can imagine it's a great way for business travelers to stave off jetlag, and tour Israeli cities without renting a car, taxi, fighting for a train, or elbowing your way onto a crowded bus. (Of course, there's always cycling, but Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are no Amsterdam.)

Run the City, Green Prophet reports, is the first sightjogging company in Israel which also promotes sightseeing as you jog. A team of experienced recreational runners will meet you at your hotel or friend's apartment and run you around town, while pointing out sights of historical and cultural interest, based on the tour you select.
Out of shape? The company promises you'll be smiling as you run, not arching over in pain, even if you can't remember the last time you tied the laces on your sports shoes.

Their low-impact trip includes a number of tours. How about:

Tel Aviv Roots and Tradition: A tour of some historic milestones of the city such as the American-German colony, old Jaffa, Neve Tsedek (where we used to live), the Trumpeldor Cemetery and the Bialik house.


Tel Aviv Luxury & Diamonds: A look at the glitzier side of Tel Aviv (aren't you going to feel so hottt as you run by in track pants!) that includes the Diamond Stock Exchange District, Chen Boulevard, and the city's elite apartment complexes.

Jerusalem, holy style tours, are still in the process of being mapped out: "So whether you're a local resident or a tourist coming from outside of town, consider using human powered energy when touring around the city," writes blogger Karen.

Run the City proves that Israeli-style eco-tourism is picking up speed; the Israeli Ministry of Tourism has announced that it is going green. Part of this initiative includes moving away from motorized (and gas-guzzling) transportation and encouraging human-powered transportation, such as cycling tourism.

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