AirHotel is a Treehouse Hotel Room in the Sky

Joris Casaer and Maaike Buys

How does it feel to be swinging from a tree for a night? AirHotel is your chance to find out.

These magical hotel rooms will be hanging in the forest for a brief moment this summer. The question is do you sleep better in them, have nicer dreams or just worry all night that you are going to fall out.

It's a Belgian project; sort of half way between a pop-up hotel room and a piece of art. The seven different hanging structures will be at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival this summer, if you want to find out the answer to these burning questions.

. Joris Casaer and Maaike Buys

As for the rooms: There are seven different types. You are only allowed to stay one night and can take one string bag of possessions, so say good bye to all the rest of your gear. Room service is provided by tree-climbing staff. Wake-up calls are provided by the dawn chorus.

Which do you fancy? This is the Sterreschijter. It only sleeps two and looks like a transparent planter in the sky. The roof opens, if it ever stops raining.

Joris Casaer and Maaike Buys

There's the Lovenest which sleeps two and looks like a giant bird's nest. As it may be since it is made of organic materials such as branches and leaves on the outside.

Joris Casaer and Maaike Buys

The Lotus is made out of parachute material and opens up to the shape of a lotus flower. It is attached to the tree in four places, if you are the nervous type

Joris Casaer and Maaike Buys

The Druppen can be raised manually into the tree by a hoist inside the room. Elevator up.

The creators, Time Circus, explain:

We think of ourselves more as scenographers of the imagination than theatre-makers. As we were building, we began to wonder whether where you slept would affect your dreams. Does sleeping in mid-air make your dreams more exciting?

By the way, the rest of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival looks pretty amazing too.

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