This night sky video will make you want to go camping tonight [Video]

night sky video image
Video screen capture Ben Canales

Ben Canales is one of our favorite night sky photographers. He is the guy behind these incredibly starry sky photos, and this great time-lapse of Oregon's night sky. Now he and the talented folks at Uncage the Soul Productions bring us yet another amazing piece of night sky art only possible through the ever-advancing technology behind digital photography and the diligent tinkering of people who love to push the boundaries of what is possible in photography.

"Down in the mad-labs of Uncage the Soul Productions, we've been tinkering with tools and techniques to show a night under the stars not just in photos or long term timelapses - but real-time video. This short piece is mostly proof of concept and an exciting launch to develop this more. Ultimately, we want to help push the collective goals of what's possible and speed up the process of getting to a place where we're all comfortably shooting amazing video out under the stars long past sunset."

Nightly Wonder from Uncage the Soul Productions on Vimeo.

This night sky video will make you want to go camping tonight [Video]
Going beyond single images or even time-lapse, this photographer is pushing technology to show what a beautiful night under the stars really looks like.

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