7 Luxury Ways to Travel That are Also Easy on the Earth

5. The Night Train

Image: JP Puerta, Flickr

Romance, adventure, and the thrill of the journey will be stirred in you as you stake out your small but efficient territory, enjoy the vistas or get some work done, then join fellow travelers in the on-board dining car for some fine food before tucking in for the night. In the morning, you arrive at your destination, refreshed and raring to go. What could be more luxurious that that? How about airline security never knowing that you are wearing socks that don't match.

6. Luxury Electric Wheels

Image: Fisker Automotive

While travel by car may not be the most green option, it is still an essential facet of modern mobility. And if you are going to go green in luxury, then the Fisker Karma or Karma S may be your ride. Hypermiling is the new lead foot!

7. Share an Eco-car

Image: OZOcar

Better than owning luxury eco-wheels, just ditch your wheels! Take the train to your destination and when you need cool wheels, companies like OZOcar or Climatecars are there for you. Their fleet relies heavily on the recently much maligned Toyota Prius; but rest assured, all actions have been taken to ensure customers a safe driving experience. By using a hybrid or electric car service, you not only reduce the raw material footprint for manufacturing vehicles, you benefit from lower emissions while traveling.

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