7 Greenest Spring Break Trips

5. For the Science Junkie: The Earthwatch Expedition, Canada

Photo via Earthwatch

Get out of the lab for the week without giving up your passion for science with an Earthwatch expedition that lets you study climate change in the Arctic’s tundra and forests. At the Churchill Northern Studies Center in the Hudson Bay Lowlands in Canada, guests study growth rings in trees, permafrost, ice crystals, and snowpack thickness--and while you’ll sleep in dorm-style rooms at the Center, you’ll also learn how to build an igloo that stays warm at temps as low as -40 Celsius.

6. For the Foodie: Organic Farming Through World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

Photo via Ron1478 @ flickr

Get in touch with the land--and your food--by volunteering through World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF), which pairs aspiring foodies or farmers with organic growers all over the world; think Belize, Canada, France, Germany, Brazil, Turkey, Sierra Leone, Nepal, Australia, and many others. In most cases you’ll live with the family that runs the farm, trading long days and hard work for an intimate look at the culture and organic food processes of the country you’re visiting.

7. For the Volunteer: VolunteerAbroad.com

Photo via indigoprime @ flickr

Spending your spring break giving back to your community (or to a larger organization) may not be as relaxing as swimming and sunning yourself in Miami, but it looks better on a resume. Love animals? Work with Biosphere Expeditions to protect snow leopards in Asia. Are you an experienced scuba diver? Help Coral Cay Conservation track the effect of global warming on Caribbean reefs. Love nature? Sign up for a Colorado Trail Volunteer Crew, where you’ll help keep the 500-mile-long path in pristine condition. All of these organizations--and many others found at VolunteerAbroad.com--help you leave the environment better than you found it, which trumps even the biggest spring break party.

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