6 Ways to See Endangered Species Without Endangering Them More

4. Know Before You Go

Illegal Souvenirs, Image: C. Lepisto Learn about the endangered species you might encounter wherever your travel is taking you. But be sure to know before you go, so that you will not further threaten wildlife by inadvertently contributing to the thriving illegal trade in endangered species.

5. Go Where No One Has Gone Before

Image: Caitlin Arctic Survey

Tourism may help support local economies in need of an influx of funds for recovery, or to divert disruptive economic forces towards preservation opportunities. But too many people going too far too often contributes to threatening the very natural beauty we traveled far to see. How to reduce your footprint? Walk alone. Follow the inspiration of hearty adventurers like Todd Carmichael or dedicated scientists of the Caitlin Arctic Survey. These 12 warrior adventurers will show you the way.

6. Go to the Zoo

Knut, Berlin's favorite polar bear at the Zoo Berlin. Image: Zoo Berlin

Your local aquarium or zoo is the ultimate place to see endangered species. Ride your bike there for a zero-carbon footprint. Although humans take creatures out of their native environments for our viewing entertainment, the educational mission, scientific understanding and breeding programs seem to justify the practice when conditions are humane.

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