5 Super Cheap, Green Beach Resorts

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Photo via Chumphon Cabana Resort & Diving Center

Although going green doesn't have to mean spending a bundle, it's much easier to find a luxury eco-friendly resort than it is to find a cheap one. But we found five beach-centered resorts in areas all over the world that cost less per night than you'd spend on a week of organic groceries--think less than $65, and, at several of these resorts, less than $50. Even at those wallet-friendly prices, you won't have to compromise your green morals: Solar power, organic meals, and conservation efforts mean your vacation will leave the place even better than you found it.

1. Chumphon Cabana Resort & Diving Center, Chumphon, Thailand

Set on the southern coast of Thailand, about five hours from Bangkok, the Chumphon Cabana Resort & Diving Center offers more than 100 rooms on the Thung Wua Laen Beach, plus white water rafting, squid trapping, massages, and diving. Behind the scenes, the hotel uses bacterial colonies to clean gray water, builds with low-impact construction techniques, and maintains an organic recycling process for making fertilizer to benefit the hotel and the community. (Rooms from 1,500 THB (about $45 USD))

2. Nalla Eco Beach Resort, Pondicherry, India

inexpensive nalla eco beach resort photo
Photo of Pondicherry, India, via Trip Advisor

Guests look out over the Bay of Bengal from the 24 air-conditioned rooms at the Nalla Eco Beach Resort in Pondicherry, India, while an open-air stage offers space for local cultural events, plays, and musical performances. Interiors include furniture and walls built from recycled teak, rosewood and granite stone pillars, and local slate flooring. Water is heated via solar power, the hotel harvests rain water for reuse, and the owners are committed to promoting tourism that has a minimal impact on the environment. (Rooms from 2200 INR (about $45))

3. Ecolodge Rendez-Vous, Saba

saba ecolodge photo
Photo via Tropical Paradise

For a more traditional beach experience, visit the Caribbean region of Saba in the Netherlands Antilles, where guests at the Ecolodge Rendez-Vous stay in conventional island cottages--complete with solar panels for electricity and showers, water-saving faucets, and a thriving compost pile--and eat at a hotel restaurant that uses plenty of organically-grown local produce. Swimming, hiking, and diving will keep you busy during the day, while the nearest town is only 15 minutes away by foot. (Rooms from $65)

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