400-million-year-old Garden to Bloom Under Desert Dome


Both a scientific wonder and a message about global warming, a new eco-destination is on the rise in a "parched and burning" desert in Saudi Arabia. On track to become the world's largest indoor garden, the King Abdullah International Gardens will sprout plants from ancient botanical times under domes covering more than 24 acres.

The earliest garden, on the Devonian period, will offer a peek at plants which only grow as high as knee height. A Jurassic Park-style garden will offer a glimpse at the past without the dinosaurs. But the environmental message comes from the garden called the Garden of Choices. Dr Paul Kenrick, a paleobotanist at the Natural History Museum, London, and the project's scientific adviser explains,

"Visitors will see how our planet might end up, burnt and scorched or cool and moist, depending on the way we respond to the challenge of climate change."

The dome, located near the near capital city Riyadh, will be powered by renewable sources (primarily solar and wind) and water will be stored in underground reservoirs beneath the domes. Via ::The Observer

image courtesy of alriyadh.com.