10 Breathtaking Waterfront Campgrounds Around the World

6. Cala Llevadó Camping (Spain)

© Cala Llevadó Camping. Camping along the Costa Brava.

Though the rugged Costa Brava in northeastern Catalonia has seen plenty of high-rise tourism development, you can still get away from it all at Cala Llevadó Camping, which offers isolated campsites along and above four different beaches. Head inland and you will find picturesque Spanish countryside scattered with pine, cork, and carob trees. Boat excursions, windsurfing, and scuba diving are all popular activities in the area and the nearby town of Tossa de Mar has a historic quarter that dates back to medieval times, as well as a well-preserved 12th-century castle.

7. Glavotok Camp (Croatia)

© Glavotok Camp. Campsites on Krk island.

The waters of the Adriatic Sea lap up on the shores of Glavotok Camp, located on the wooded island of Krk, off Croatia's scenic Dalmatian coast. An ideal location for diving excursions, the camp also offers a variety of other recreational activities, including beach volleyball and yoga. A protected oak forest reserve sits alongside the camp and a short walk takes visitors into the small village of the same name that is home to an important Franciscan monastery. The camp even operates Croatia's first plant-based water-treatment facility, using cane plants to process wastewater -- and thus help protect its idyllic setting.

8. Lycian Way (Turkey)

© Andriake Camping. Andriake Harbor.

Turkey's most popular long-distance trekking route, the 509-kilometer Lycian Way, hugs the country's scenic southern coast from Fethiye to Antalya and offers plenty of camping opportunities along the way to both the hardcore hikers and those just tackling part of the route. Andriake Camping, near the ancient Roman city of Myra -- home to the Church of St. Nicholas (a.k.a. Santa Claus) -- offers beachfront tent sites and nightly barbecues, while Sundance Nature Village has its own vegetable garden and chicken house for über-local meals.

9. Garden Route National Park (South Africa)

Russell James Smith/CC BY 2.0. Storms River mouth.

Lush forest, sheer cliffs, and rich intertidal zones are just some of the natural features ready to be explored by visitors to Garden Route National Park, located on the southern coast of South Africa along the Indian Ocean. The open shoreline of Storms River Rest Camp offers glimpses of dolphins and porpoises in the water, while bird watchers will enjoy keeping an eye out for the threatened African black oystercatcher, as well as cormorants and giant kingfishers. Shy clawless otters and miniature antelope also make their home in the park, where easy walks pass through indigenous forest.

10. Sirinat National Park (Thailand)

Marc van der Chijs/CC BY-ND 2.0. Nai Yang Beach.

A tropical paradise welcomes campers at Mai Khao and Nai Yang beaches in Sirinat National Park, two of Phuket Island's longest stretches of white sand. Both beaches host sea-turtle nesting activity from November to February. The rest of the time, there's not much to do besides walk, swim, poke around the tide pools and coral reefs, and picnic on the coast or in the predominantly ironwood and pine forest beside the beach, but when the setting is this serene, what else would you want to do?

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