Travel by Rail in Style on a RailRider

pedal powered rairider crossing bridge photo
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Readers were in awe of the Trailcart, the four wheeled pedal car that will take over the ATV Market. But there is a lot of rolling resistance on a dirt trail; that is why they invented the railroad. That's where the RailRunner comes in; it is a recumbent pedal-power bike with models that sit up to four, for use on ABANDONED rail lines.

railrider in front of train station photo

"Now for the Dream...
A vision for future is a completely accessible to everyone Rail-Park. This would be an area of rehabilitated (formerly abandoned) rail leading to a beautiful nature site. This place will be shared by hikers, cyclists and railriders. A park where children, parents, elderly and disabled could share happy days and enjoyable events would be ideal. If your town has abandoned track nearby, think about a Rail-Park for tourism."

cute rail rider photo

This seems to be some form of conversion kit that lets you put a regular bike onto the tracks.