Why Elon Musk hates public transit

Musk hates getting stuck in traffic, but doesn't like transit either. Hence, the Boring Company.

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  • eliica-back-view.jpg

    Eliica (Electric Lithium-Ion battery Car)

    November 19, 3:54 PM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Some pundits reckon it belongs to Captain Scarlet of the Mysterons. Me, I plug for it being the Lady Penelope's weekend car when her pink Thunderbird's FAB 1 is safely garaged. While it may conjure up images of something out of a Saturday morning kids

  • Watsons-Crags.jpg

    SkiCool Green Pass

    November 17, 4:45 PM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Forget yellow snow, now it's green. Northern Winter approaches. Fluffy stuff falls from the sky. Time to get those boards and planks out of the attic. Obviously backcountry skiers and boarders are human powered but what about resort revellers? In an

  • Recycle-bike-girls.jpg

    Re-Cycle bicycles for African villagers

    November 15, 7:51 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Hands up if you have a old bike in the garage gathering dust? Wouldn't it be better off making dust? Like allowing African school kids and low paid workers to hoon off down the dirt track, independent of expensive taxis (some households spend 25% of

  • earthflyer.jpg

    Earthflyer Wind-powered skateboard

    November 12, 6:46 PM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Give a German a skateboard and some kitesurfing gear and what will he do? Fly unsupported, up the middle of the Australian outback, coast to coast, covering 3,000 km (~1,900 miles) in a mere 17 days. Dirk Gion was pulled over by the police on a couple of

  • tripendo.jpg

    Tripendo Cornering Trike

    November 12, 11:22 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    What's wrong with this picture? Nothing. Do not adjust your screen. It's a Tripendo going into a bend. Unlike 2 wheel bicycles, most 3 wheelers, although stable on the flat, just can't get up a good lean as they hurtle around a corner. That outside

  • Tango-and-smart.jpg

    Commuter Cars two person Tango

    November 11, 11:05 PM by TreeHugger in Cars

    OK. Stop laughing. This is serious stuff. Come on, stop it. Wipe that smile off your face. No, we didn't manipulate the photo and no, it didn't shrink in the laundry. It may look kinda cute but the stats are outright amazing. Are you sitting down? Right.

  • hummer_yellow.jpg


    November 11, 2:48 PM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Hasta la Vista, Gas-Guzzler? The words "Schwarzenegger" and "green" don't really seem a natural mix. After all, this is the first civilian to drive a Hummer (convinced GM to build a consumer version). But when campaigning for office, Governor

  • go-one.jpg

    Go-One Aerodynamic Recumbent Tricycle

    November 10, 8:05 PM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Forget romantic visions of cycling with wind in your hair. Get your tangled locks inside a sleek shaped monocoque shell, made of carbon fibre. Designed by Michael Goretzky (one of the guys behind the SMART car) who reckons you can go almost forever

  • camry.jpg

    Hybrid Camry To Hit U.S. Streets in '06

    November 7, 3:44 PM by TreeHugger in Cars

    The Toyota Camry, already a top-seller in the U.S., may have a hybrid cousin coming to market by 2006. According to one report, Toyota expects to sell more than 100,000 hybrid Camry’s in the U.S. each year, creating mad demand for the vehicles. (They


    GreenFleet plants trees on your car's behalf

    October 29, 11:17 PM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Have no other feasible way of getting around than your trusty (or rusty) non-hybrid automobile, yet you get the guilts every time you hear the engine tick over? Maybe you need a little stress relief. In Australia, a not-for-profit organisation, called


    An SUV you could love...The Segway Centaur

    October 28, 7:19 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Maybe it was the shudder that came from seeing the US President fall over on their Human Transporter that got the engineers at Segway thinking new thoughts. Like 2 more wheels for stability. Whatever the stimuli, they ran up this little beauty, called

  • Venturi back.jpg

    Venturi Fetish Electric Sports Car

    October 27, 4:53 PM by TreeHugger in Cars

    For those of you looking for a high performance electric car: Start saving your pennies. The Venturi Fetish is by far the fastest, most powerful electric production car. It’s top speed is 105 mph. It goes 0-60 in 5 seconds. It recharges right quick. It

  • jessejensenilloofhummerandm.jpg

    Zap! Smart Cars for the U.S.

    October 25, 6:05 PM by TreeHugger in Cars

    The Smart cars are coming! The Smart cars are coming! These hyper-efficient little vehicles have been zipping through the cobbled streets of the Old World for years now, and Zap! has finally developed one that meets U.S. standards. The 60 mpg,

  • VW Fox.jpg

    Flex-Fuel Cars and the Future of Ethanol

    October 22, 8:46 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Yesterday, the New York Times ran an interesting story about the reliance of Brazilians on ethanol, an extremely cheap, food-based fuel, to run their cars. "Flex-fuel" cars—cars that run on either gasoline or ethanol—like the Volkswagen Fox,

  • bikealta.jpg

    Norway Says Alta Bike

    October 21, 8:28 PM by TreeHugger in Cars

    The Alta bike is a new design from the clever people at Norway Says, along with their friends at Frost Produkt and Bleed Designstudio. It's designed specifically for the urban biker. It’s sleek, fast, comfortable, and—for all you hipsters out

  • eGo bike.jpg

    eGo ElectricBike - Can you say Geek-Chic?

    October 18, 9:00 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Since this bike is completely electric, it pretty much speaks for itself. We'll give it a few words anyway. It runs off two 12-volt batteries, goes up to 23 m.p.h., and has a range of accessories to soup it up--from cargo carriers to wicker baskets. If

  • Solar-Hydrogen truck.jpg

    Brainy Students Build Kick-Ass Car

    October 15, 8:28 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Forget about go-carts and soapbox derbies, a group of Arizona high-school students and their physics teacher turned a Chevy pickup into a hydrogen-generating, solar-powered, self-sustaining, pollution-free ride...The truck is hydrogen-powered and, get

  • Atrevete.jpg

    MDI Air Car

    October 6, 2:29 PM by TreeHugger in Cars

    From the brand-spanking new Jalopnik, we've learned about this air-propelled car, which a Luxembourg manufacturer plans to put into production as soon as next year. An electric pump compresses air into the tank, making Air Car go. The pump plugs into a


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