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All short-haul flights from Norway could be electric by 2040

When the heck did electric commercial flight become a realistic prospect?!

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  • BurleyFlatbed.jpg

    Recycler: Make Your Move -- With A Bike Trailer

    August 12, 2:07 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Here in the northern hemisphere, summer is in full swing. And that means barbecue, trips to the park, long bike rides, and ... moving tons of junk. It's true; For some reason, summer is synonymous with moving into new apartments, filling in some empty

  • minimobil.jpg

    Minimobil - We're Slow, But It Goes 56mph.

    August 12, 1:44 AM by Warren McLaren in Cars

    It's probably my fault. I fess up. A week might be a long time in politics, but a month in blogworld, well, that's forever. Seems I've been sitting on this media release since 11 July 05, which has made us about the last on the planet to cover the

  • prius-110mpg-record-01.jpg

    Team Achieves 110 MPG Average In Prius

    August 11, 1:32 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    Dan Kroushl, Wayne Gerdes, Rick Reece and Bob Barlow drove 47 hours and 1,397 miles on 12.87 gallons of gasoline in an unmodified Toyota Prius. How did they do it? Carefully, of course. The 4 men alternatively drove the car in 4-hour shifts on a 15-mile

  • prius-white-01.jpg

    Software Presets In Future Hybrids

    August 4, 2:55 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    There has been a certain amount of controversy lately on how hybrid technology should be used. Ever since the 255-HP Honda Accord hybrid came out, some people have been asking for more "muscle hybrids" and it seems that Lexus is headed in that direction.

  • ENV-fuel-cell-bike-02.jpg

    ENV Fuel Cell Motorbike

    August 3, 5:01 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    To balance out our last post where we were a bit pessimistic about fuel cells, here is an update on the ENV fuel cell motorbike (ENV stands for Energy Neutral Vehicle, pronounced "envy") by Intelligent Energy from the UK. We wrote about it a few months

  • Avanti-electra-bike.jpg

    Avanti Electra Electric Bike

    July 31, 12:53 AM by Warren McLaren in Cars

    "Once more into the breach". Seeing the discussion our post on DIY electric bicycle kits stimulated, thought this number from Avanti might keep the dialogue progressing. According to the blurb, its motor will power you for 40km [25miles] at speeds of

  • hyundai_logo-01.jpg

    Hyundai & Kia To Bring Hybrids To US Next Year

    July 29, 8:15 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    Hyundai was not expected to bring hybrid vehicles to the US until after 2007, but the schedule for their introduction to North-America was moved up. Korean hybrids should be available late in 2006. The expected models are redesigned versions of the

  • BurleyNomad.jpg

    Burley Bike Trailers

    July 29, 1:38 AM by Warren McLaren in Cars

    A wee while since we’ve had a bicycle trailer here, (such as the Evolution) so let’s fill that void with Burley. An very apt ‘beefy’ brand name, just right for their Nomad model (pictured), which they reckon will cope with a whopping load of 100 lbs (45

  • hybrid-marketing-01.jpg

    Toyota and Honda to Market Hybrids More

    July 28, 8:27 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    Until now, Toyota and Honda have been fairly low key about their hybrids. That can partially be explained by the relatively tight supply (no need to advertise something if you can't make enough of it), but they probably also just wanted to wait until the

  • elise-plastics-01.jpg

    UK Researchers Find Process for Stronger Plastic

    July 26, 7:10 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    The laws of physics being what they are, it takes more energy to move something heavy than something light. That's the first reason why this new process to maker stronger plastics discovered by a British consortium is interesting. It would allow to make

  • chinese-car-01.jpg

    Chinese Fuel Economy Laws

    July 25, 7:18 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    Lately, the economy of China has been growing at a rate usually reserved for credit card debt. Their energy consumption has also been going through the roof, and since oil is getting more expensive and harder to find all the time, the Chinese have

  • mercedes-a-class-1.jpg

    Mercedes Benz goes Bananas

    July 25, 7:17 AM by Lloyd Alter in Cars

    Daimler Chrysler has used a few natural fabrics and fibres in its Benz’s before but now is using them in structural parts- a cover for the spare tire in the three-door A class. They are mixing abaca banana fibres with polypropylene for their first

  • hybrid-drive-01.jpg

    List of All Incentives For Hybrid Vehicles

    July 23, 8:27 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    The Union of Concerned Scientists has updated its Hybrid Center website with a list of all federal and state hybrid vehicle incentives in the US. "I think one barometer that something is catching on is whether politicians decided to jump on the

  • HondaBeat1990-01.jpg

    Japanoid — Importing K-Cars in Canada

    July 19, 8:40 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    Japanoid is a Canadian importer of K-Cars (also called Keicars, keijidōsha) and other extremely compact Japanese cars. You can read more about K-Cars here or on the FAQ of the site, but basically what you need to know is: "Japan is a country with very

  • pzecocar.jpg

    Eco-car — Recharge your car

    July 18, 9:00 AM by Petz Scholtus in Cars

    After our post last monday about the Geegoot solar powered ice cream van we have gone and found another Spanish eco-vehicle for you. Or rather several: Bicycles, mopeds, buggies, mini buses and vans are all motoring along on electricity instead of

  • Twike-white.jpg

    The Twike

    July 18, 8:28 AM by Warren McLaren in Cars

    No, it's not a promo pic for a sequel of the sci-fi movie Gattaca. But it could be. Could also be an early adopter of Hypercar concepts, as long espoused by Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute. The Twike will propel two passengers along at

  • HALE-plane.jpg

    The Global Observer - Hydrogen Gets Airborne

    July 18, 7:52 AM by Warren McLaren in Cars

    Last month a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) made a High-Altitude Long-Endurance (HALE) flight powered by liquid hydrogen. The prototype fifty-foot wingspan aircraft stayed up for a hour on the test flights, but if we read the press release correctly, the

  • doorpirze.jpg

    The Door Prize

    July 17, 7:19 PM by Lloyd Alter in Cars

    Toronto is not historically a bicycle friendly city, but in the last few years has been trying hard to change, pointing out that switching to bikes reduces congestion, greenhouse gas emissions and obesity. Unfortunately the drivers are not, and the Door


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