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All short-haul flights from Norway could be electric by 2040

When the heck did electric commercial flight become a realistic prospect?!

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  • bikewheelchair.jpg

    Rotary Runner Wheelchairs are Reused Bicycles

    September 1, 12:06 AM by Warren McLaren in Cars

    A customer at the reuse centre, where I spend my daylight hours, wanted to know if we had any bicycle frames that no-one wanted. He needed them to make wheelchairs. Huh? "Tell me more" I then discovered a project, that still brings a lump to my throat.

  • aveo and echo.jpg

    Muellerian Mimicry: Toyota Echo and Chevrolet Aveo

    August 30, 7:30 AM by John Laumer in Cars

    Mimicry in individual human behavior can be seen as a flattery. In commerce, mimicry may be explained as a marketing ploy. However, it could be positive destiny when we're talking about resource efficient cars. First, lets try an explanation from a life

  • lithium_11_f.jpg

    Hybrid Batteries That Won't Explode

    August 27, 12:33 PM by Justin Thomas in Cars

    Battery manufacturer, Valence Technologies, has been promoting the fact that their new lithium ion Saphion battery, will not explode when used in hybrid cars. Lithium ion batteries are more energy-dense than nickel metal hydride cells currently used in

  • TH_skysails.jpg

    Sky Sails Promise Wind Energy for Fuel Reduction

    August 26, 1:34 PM by Jacob Gordon in Cars

    Commercial freight ships are among the largest vehicles ever made and are responsible for moving much of the world's transported goods. Ever since we got off using sailing ships, we've been using diesel. One of 100 technologies selected for the

  • random-train-01.jpg

    Railroads for Sustainability: What Can We Do?

    August 26, 1:01 PM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    Reader Jason Sinclair asks us about trains and railroads. "It occurred to me today that we have a grossly underutilized and under-funded system of railroads in the U.S. and Canada, but that these railroads could be quite useful in a move towards

  • suv-city-movie-capture-01.jpg

    SUV City: Short Animated Movie

    August 26, 12:15 PM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    Frank Giovinazzi of Car Buyer's Notebook sent us a link to SUV City, a short, home-made satirical animated film about the absurdity of big SUVs. Some people might find it funnier than others - we found it mildly-amusing - but, from personal experience,

  • korea-01.gif

    Toyota And Honda To Invade Korea With Hybrids

    August 25, 1:10 PM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    Both Honda and Toyota have announced the introduction of hybrid vehicles in the Korean market. Honda is currently getting the Accord hybrid approved for sale in the country (they passed tests on safety, emissions and noise levels earlier this month) and

  • fuel-sign-01.jpg

    Plug-In Hybrid Campaign in Austin, Texas

    August 23, 8:15 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    To be frank, we never expected to write so many articles about positive eco-things happening in Texas (see this, this and this), but they keep coming. The latest installment is the launch of a campaign to promote plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV -

  • toyota-camry-01.jpg

    Toyota Camry Hybrid To Use 4-Cylinders Engine

    August 22, 5:36 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    Those who keep up-to-date on hybrid cars know that the Honda Accord hybrid (V6, 255 hp) has been getting some backlash for being a "muscle" hybrid and providing relatively little environmental benefits (we will write more about the problem with "muscle"

  • Suburu_R1e_yellow.jpg

    Subaru Joins Electric Car Race with R1e

    August 21, 1:40 AM by Christine Lepisto in Cars

    Fuji Heavy Industries (20% owned by GM), the company behind the Subaru brand, announced on 19 August plans to bring a fully electric version of the mini R1 car to the market. Dubbed the R1e when introduced as a concept car in 2003, the all-electric

  • Velo'v.jpg

    Velo'v: Lyon's Rentabike

    August 20, 10:21 AM by Warren McLaren in Cars

    Pardon, mon Français is a bit rusty, so I’ll defer to the more reliable Guardian newspaper and assume they got the details right. During the past 3 months the French city of Lyon has been experimenting with a bicycle rental program. And I guess you could

  • toyota_prius_gt_01.jpg

    Toyota Prius GT?!

    August 20, 1:53 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    It has been called "the answer to the question nobody asked": Introducing the 2005 Toyota Prius GT concept car, first seen at the 2004 Paris Auto Show. Not quite a speed demon, but certainly a more responsible way to move posthaste than most of the

  • hybrid-inside-01.gif

    Hybrid Vehicle Survey from London School of Economics

    August 18, 12:34 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    Here is a very short survey (9 questions, it literally takes 2 minutes) about hybrid vehicles by Anne Brooks of the London School of Economics. "Note that this survey is for academic purposes only and your survey responses are confidential. The survey

  • prius-solar-lapp-01.jpg

    Solar-Powered Toyota Prius Project

    August 17, 2:40 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    Green Car Congress writes about a very cool project by Canadian engineer Steve Lapp who modified his 2001 Prius by installing solar panels on the roof. It is admitted that the car is still a rough prototype, but so far the fuel economy improvement are of

  • cd-50lchallenge-01.jpg

    The Canadian Driver Fuel Economy Challenge

    August 16, 12:00 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    We're a bit ambivalent about this Canadian Driver experiment: On one hand, they burned 500 liters of gasoline on some kind of sponsored joy-ride, but on the other, there's nothing like real-world results to get the average person to pay attention. The

  • toyota-dearler-01.jpg

    Prototype of Eco-Friendly Toyota Dealership in Texas

    August 13, 12:22 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    McKinney, North Texas, will be the location of the first "green" Toyota dealership. The company is working with a private dealer and architects to plan the store and it seems like they want to do it right. "From solar panels to milk-based paint to

  • Venom5.jpg

    Venom Bike Line By Specialized

    August 12, 1:10 PM by Justin Thomas in Cars

    An innovation on one of the most efficient vehicles around, or high-tech design nonsense? You be the judge! (Update: As a number of astute readers picked up, this is indeed an April fools hoax. But you can't blame us for being optimistic. Hey

  • hybrid-cab-01.jpg

    Grist Chats With Hybrid Taxi Driver

    August 12, 11:12 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    We've written about hybrid taxis a few times (see this and this) and obviously we think they're a good idea. Of course, before any large-scale use (like in NYC, for example), a few logistic details need to be worked out, but no problem seems impossible


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