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German state to electrify 10km of highway for overhead charging of trucks

This could be the start of significantly more efficient trucking.

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    Ikoo Contemporary Electric Scooter

    June 25, 7:32 AM by Lloyd Alter in Cars

    It's teeny. It's very very cute. It goes 18 MPH for 18 miles on a charge. It's made of surgical grade stainless steel. It's less than a thousand bucks US. Looks like a nice ride! ::Ikoo Scooter via ::Red

  • prius-read-01.jpg

    Hybrids: Category Killers and Practical Investments

    June 25, 7:18 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    With oil hovering around $60 per barrel, and showing no sign of stopping there, hybrids are starting to make more and more financial sense in the US (elsewhere, where gas prices are higher, they already make sense, especially if there are government

  • Morgan-Aero-8-City-Night-1600x1200.jpg

    Morgan to Develop Fuel Cell Sports Car

    June 24, 7:28 AM by John Laumer in Cars

    Morgan, producer of legendary British sports cars, has announced development of a hydrogen fuel cell powered car based upon it's existing Aero 8 model (pictured). Now this is sure to create some green demand among the Wall Street crowd. 'Let a Chinese

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    Diesel Motorbike Created

    June 23, 9:19 AM by Justin Thomas in Cars

    Star Twin, a company in Holland, has designed and built a motorcycle with a turbocharged, direct injection diesel engine. There's potential for biodiesel here, and reportedly the bike gets 150MPG. It's called the "Thunder Star 1200 TDI Sportbike".

  • curitiba-front-bus.jpg

    Curitiba: City with a Soul

    June 23, 5:57 AM by Warren McLaren in Cars

    "There is little in the architecture of a city that is more beautifully designed than a tree". With a site name like ours, how could we not admire the author of such words. Jaime Lerner was a young architect in the 60's, who agitated against the

  • nyc-taxis-01.jpg

    Popular Support for Hybrid Cabs in NYC

    June 21, 8:59 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    A survey conducted by Global Strategy Group last week shows that "seven in ten New Yorkers say it is important to make the switch [to hybrid taxis] now, and a majority report that even sacrificing a few inches of legroom or interior space would make no

  • Tren a gas.gif

    The First CNG Train Starts Functioning in Peru

    June 21, 7:00 AM by Paula Alvarado in Cars

    The first locomotive in the world powered with gas has just started to operate in Peru, managed by Ferrocarril Central Andino company. The locomotive is powered with concentrated natural gas (CNG) from the deposit of Camisea, in the central forest, and

  • nyc-subway-01.jpg

    NYC Opens Solar Subway Station

    June 20, 7:01 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    The Stillwell Avenue subway station in Brooklyn has been reconstructed and all its non-traction electrical needs will be powered by a 76,000-square foot solar roof (expected to produce "250,000 kilowatt hours a year"). The roof is build by RWE SCHOTT

  • nissan-altima-01.jpg

    Nissan Will Build Altima Hybrid in Tennessee

    June 18, 7:58 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    Nissan, who wants to sell 50,000 units of its upcoming Altima hybrid in the year following its release, has decided which US plant will make the car (last time we posted about it they were still undecided): It will be in their Smyrna plant in

  • Greenspeed-GT3.jpg

    Greenspeed GT3 - A Folding Recumbent!

    June 15, 10:08 AM by Warren McLaren in Cars

    Not only do you get to sit back, in a low slung recumbent but with the GT3, Greenspeed have added a double bonus. They suggest it will fold up, to fit in the back of car (if you must have one of those), in just 30 seconds. And at $2,595 USD they’ve

  • prius-hybrid-01.jpg

    Should we be Worried About Hybrid-Car Batteries?

    June 15, 7:06 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    We frequently hear it from hybrid-skeptics: "Ah, yes, nice car, fuel savings, etc, but wait until you have to pay to replace the batteries in a few years! Aren't these batteries polluting more than burning extra gas?" We always suspected that was BS

  • econ_sugar_02.jpg

    Repsol YPF to Make Biodiesel in Argentina

    June 14, 8:00 AM by John Laumer in Cars

    The Spanish headquartered oil firm Repsol YPF (NYSE: REP) is planning to produce biodiesel in Argentina through the use of "advanced technology". Biodiesel is made through a chemical process in which the vegetable oil reacts with alcohol in the presence

  • yamaha-motor-01.jpg

    Yamaha Pays Employees to Leave the Motorcycle Home

    June 14, 7:55 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    Yamaha Motor Corporation, a motorcycle manufacturer, has started to reward its employees for eco-commuting. To be eligible for the small monthly sum (1000 yen, almost $10 US), employees can walk, cycle (on a human-powered bike) or use public

  • londontaxi.jpg

    London taxi firm goes green

    June 13, 8:41 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    One of London's biggest cab firms has announced plans to go "carbon neutral". Radio Taxis has a fleet of 3,000 black cabs emitting almost 24,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. Now the company is promising to spend £100,000 annually on

  • solarflare-earth.jpg

    Cosmos 1 - Solar Sailing Outta This World

    June 13, 12:19 AM by Warren McLaren in Cars

    On 21 June 2005 a Russian submarine will fire an intercontential ballistic missile (ICBM). But there is no need to rush for the backyard bunker. The missile’s payload will be Cosmos 1, the world's first solar sail spacecraft. This will be deployed into

  • wouk2.jpg

    Hybrid Inventor Victor Wouk, 1919-2005

    June 12, 8:04 AM by Lloyd Alter in Cars

    Hug a tree in memory of Dr. Victor Wouk, who died last month. In 1971 Dr. Wouk received an EPA grant to develop a hybrid car, along with a promise to fund a larger project if it met spec. Dr. Wouk had decided years earlier that all-electric cars were

  • carbomb.jpg

    The Only Good SUV is a Dead SUV

    June 11, 7:41 AM by Lloyd Alter in Cars

    "Attack: an explosive, graphically violent work serving as an indictment of the oil and auto industries"- a blown-up SUV- was installed in Toronto this week, by ATSA- Action Terroriste Socialement Acceptable. What we really like: Its in the City's new

  • whatsnew_spot_3_photo.jpg

    FedEx Express Adding 75 Hybrid Diesel-Electric Trucks

    June 11, 7:30 AM by John Laumer in Cars

    Go FedEx. Can-do investment like this makes real TreeHuggers think about who's going to be a preferred service provider. From the release: "The FedEx E700 hybrid electric vehicle decreases particulate emissions by 96% and travels 57% farther on a gallon


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