sorting air freight

Another reason to avoid free two-day shipping: they are shipping dog food by air

The carbon footprint of air freight is ten times that of truck freight; perhaps it's time for "slow shopping."

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  • toyota-yaris-damien-01.jpg

    2007 Toyota Yaris Photos From LA Auto Show

    January 9, 6:45 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    Reader Damien Somerset has sent us three photos of the 2007 Toyota Yaris that he took at the 2006 Los Angeles Auto Show along with this note: "This is some pics of the Yaris. I don't think the MSRP has been posted on TH yet, it is $10,200.00. Very

  • flaming_prius.jpg

    Why Do People Buy Hybrid Cars?

    January 6, 9:56 AM by Collin Dunn in Cars

    With 2005 now in our rear-view mirrors, some are proclaiming it "The Year of the Hybrid." Brad Berman, proprietor of is one of them, and has some research to help explain why. Ken Kurani, Tom Turrentine, and Rusty Heffner of UC Davis's

  • gm-flex-fuel-01.jpg

    GM Serious About Ethanol And Flex-Fuel Vehicles?

    January 5, 6:07 PM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    Could wounded giant General Motors be getting serious about vehicles with flex-fuel engines that can burn high ratios of ethanol? That's what we are going to find out in this series about GM's emerging flex fuel initiative. Today, GM launched a new

  • suvstretch.jpg

    SUV's not safer for Kids

    January 4, 7:34 AM by Lloyd Alter in Cars

    One would think that nothwitstanding everything else we dislike about big SUV's, that they would be at least safer for kids in them than a smaller car. In fact, a recent study or insurance statistics by the Partners for Child Passenger Safety looked at

  • driving-study-01.jpg

    Study: Impact of Cash Incentives on Driving

    January 3, 10:42 PM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    The Seattle Times has an article titled Do cash incentives alter driving habits? It is about a study in which people are basically given money to drive less. At the beginning of the experiment, each volunteer was given a certain amount of virtual

  • george3.jpg

    Cars and Votes: The Anti-Social Bastards in our Midst

    January 2, 6:51 AM by Lloyd Alter in Cars

    It is national election time in Canada, and like the US, most of the major cities will tend to vote left and most of the suburbs will tend to vote right. George Monbiot of the Guardian thinks cars may be responsible. He suggests that ".the extreme

  • velomibile464.jpg

    A Man and his Velomobile

    January 2, 6:00 AM by Jacob Gordon in Cars

    When Steve is not handcrafting sea kayaks, he is refining and experimenting with his pet velomobile. In case you don’t know, a velomobile is an enclosed human-powered cycle whose outer shell reduces drag and defends the rider from inclement weather.

  • Toyota Yaris

    Toyota Yaris Review & Influence of Automotive Writers

    December 31, 3:45 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    We are the coming of a new age, we are the blogs. Sure. But a significant part of the information we digest as bloggers still come from the traditional media (or "legacy" media, as some tech-oriented people call it), and as usual when dealing with the

  • toyota-yaris-2007-01.jpg

    2007 Toyota Yaris Official Press Release

    December 28, 8:39 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    We've recently written a little about the 2007 Toyota Yaris Sedan and Hatchback, but now Toyota has come out with an official press release that contains more information, so we'll just reprint it after the jump. For those curious about fuel efficiency

  • couchbike-01.jpg

    The Couchbike Maritime Adventure

    December 28, 1:15 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    Wow! Now that is cool. "The Couchbike pokes fun at our sedentary culture but also exemplifies the broad scope of possibilities for human power." These two fellows toured the maritimes (in Eastern Canada) on their couch. The story starts with them being

  • atrios-phillycarshare-01.gif

    Blogger Atrios on Car-Sharing

    December 27, 5:20 PM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    A-list blogger Atrios (that's his "blogger name", his real name is Dr. Duncan B. Black) recently converted to car-sharing and wrote about his experience with PhillyCarShare: "After being carless for about 2 1/2 years the Atrios household signed up for

  • japan-pm-ev-01.jpg

    Japanese PM Looks at 8-Wheel Electric Car

    December 27, 3:22 PM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi had a look at Eliica, an electric car developed by researchers at Keio University. The 8-wheel vehicle has a top speed of 370 km/h (230 mph), although its inventor Hiroshi Shimizu claims it could clear 400kph

  • Giatexin.jpg

    Giatex - Sportable Stretching Bicycles

    December 24, 12:33 AM by Warren McLaren in Cars

    Remember back to the bicycle you got all those Christmases ago, when you still had braces on your teeth? How you grew out of it so fast? Well, Giatex is a bike you can grow into. It stretches as you do. From being age six, up until you are six foot tall.

  • LeMans.jpg

    Biodiesel Lola to Race in Le Mans

    December 23, 6:00 AM by Jacob Gordon in Cars

    Race car fans might smell something different in the air at the next 24 Hours of Le Mans in France next year. Mingling with the scent of burning rubber, high-octane fuel, and the French countryside, will be the smell of burning vegetable oil. The Lola

  • ford-car-foam-01.jpg

    Ford Working On Bio-Materials to Use in Cars

    December 22, 4:27 PM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    Yesterday we wrote that we didn't write positive stories about Ford all that often. Well, so much for that now. The Auto Channel reports that the blue oval is developing a bio-material based on soybean oil to replace the plastic-based conventional foam

  • toyota-yaris-sh-01.jpg

    2007 Toyota Yaris - Sedan and Hatchback

    December 22, 3:10 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    Update: Toyota to Sell a Yaris-Based Hybrid for Around $15.7k in Late 2011Toyota Yaris: Sedan and HatchbackThough the Toyota Yaris hatchback has already been released in Canada as a 2006 model, it will only come out - along with the sedan version - in

  • nakanoairhub.jpg

    Nakano Air Hub: Self Inflating Bicycle Tyres

    December 22, 12:24 AM by Warren McLaren in Cars

    For some reason or other we found ourselves over at SmartStuff and noticed they had some very cute green stuff. They’ve even begun to code certain finds under ‘environment’. On this visit we were intrigued by something that they'd originally seen at Red

  • trikke-bikke.jpg

    Avoid the Transit Strike: Ride a Trikke Bikke!

    December 21, 10:12 AM by Collin Dunn in Cars

    The transit strikes in NYC have the left millions of New Yorkers who use the subways or buses in the city without reliable transportation. With all of these people looking for a new way to get to work, home, holiday shopping or anywhere else in the city,


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