Commuters Turn to Bicycles During Transportation Strike in Netherlands

A massive public transportation strike in the Netherlands this week led to massive delays everywhere, affecting all types of transportation.

But there was one positive side effect: Thousands of commuters rode their bicycles to work to avoid the congestion.

The videos of the huge packs of bikers are refreshing to see, especially when certain roads and lanes were opened especially for them.

The unions behind the strike effectively stopped all use of trains, buses, ferries and trams.

The unions are demanding the government discontinue its plan to increase the retirement age and to cap it at 66. In addition, they're asking that the government make it easier for those with physically demanding jobs to retire earlier.

As negotiations continue, Amsterdam officials have opened the previously car-only IJtunnel to bicyclists and emergency services, as you can see in the video above.

It's eye-opening to see what a different experience it creates when you give bicyclists more room — even in a city as bike-friendly as this one.

Social media reports have mentioned how much more quiet the city has been during the strike period.

Even though it's temporary, it offers a unique glimpse of what big changes to normal transportation modes can create in a major city.