Are You Ready for See-Through Pumpkin Pie?

Alinea crystal clear pumpkin pie. (Photo: Blair Shiff/YouTube)

You might not believe it, but this pie has the taste and texture of a traditional pumpkin pie. But it sure doesn't look like the Thanksgiving favorite! It's made with real organic pumpkin and traditional pumpkin pie spices: cinnamon, clove and ginger. Somehow, according to ABC News, Chef Simon Davies of Chicago's Alinea distills the ingredients to make the pie filling translucent.

The pie is one part of a 20-course Thanksgiving tasting menu at the Michelin-starred restaurant known for its innovative, modern cuisine. The restaurant pushes culinary boundaries all the time, so this see-through pumpkin pie is not an anomaly. Still ...

Fun or freaky?

My question is: Would you want this on your plate this Thanksgiving? Is it appealing?

I think it's all about the context. At a 3-star Michelin restaurant known for something like this, I'd be up for diving into this pie. It would be, as Davies said, "fun."

But, with no warning, if this pie was put down in front of me at my brother's house (where I'll be having Thanksgiving this year), I'm not sure I'd want it. When I first saw the picture of this pie — before I knew anything about it — my initial thought was that it looked like jellyfish pie. That's freaky.

But there's another see-though creation that Alinea is known for: an edible balloon filled with helium. You eat, then inhale. Now that's definitely fun.