Transformer Bed Turns Into a Walk-In Closet

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©. Parisot via The Contemporist

We are always looking for better ways to live in small spaces, and have shown many ideas for for storage under the bed. We have even shown loft beds with walk-in closets underneath, but they required climbing up a ladder to get into bed.

storage bed up

© Parisot via The Contemporist

Now the Contemporist shows a really interesting idea: a slightly raised bed with shelving that acts as a stair up. Lift the bed and you get a walk-in closet underneath, albeit only half high.

looking at storage

© Parisot via The Contemporist

Still, there is lots of room under there and it's easy to organize. This one is from a French company, Parisot

container bed side

© Dielle via Contemporist

However Contemporist also points to an Italian version from Dielle that looks a lot slicker, with stairways that act as bedside tables.

side of bed

© Dielle via Contemporist

Here's the other side with its own stairway. These are not night-time disasters waiting to happen but look like safe and comfortable access.

container bed open

© Dielle via Contemporist

Of course if you are sharing the bed and you don't get up at the same time, you are going to be crawling into that little low room under the bed to find your stuff. But it holds a lot more than the standard storage bed, without the downside of having to climb up a ladder to a loft. An interesting compromise!