Transformer Bathroom Folds Into Wall Unit

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all illustrations via Bathroom Design Awards
For LifeEdited, Graham describes his needs in the bathroom:

The apartment needs to have a toilet, a sink, a shower, and perhaps a steam room. The setup should look great, be space efficient, conserve water and energy, and have low embodied energy. Must have audio privacy.

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The Reese Bathroom Innovation Awards "recognise creativity and excellence. These are two things we can never have too much of." Especially in Australia, where water is in such short supply. Michael Trudgeon was a professional finalist with the Cirrus MVR, which folds a complete bathroom into a wall unit. It recycles, too.

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Cirrus MVR is a re-locatable modular bathroom built around a central water recycling and purifying unit. The stainless steel module is equipped with a built-in bath, shower, toilet and hand basin.
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The design intention is to create a bathroom that provides all the services for contemporary bathing and ablution while using a fraction of the water that current bathroom fittings require. Cirrus MVR is a design response for today's changing climate in Australia.

Neat idea, similar to Mal's built-in toilet in the movie "Serenity". Bathroom Innovation Awards 2008 via DVice
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